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Its all about my life..
Thursday, September 23, 2010
♥ Stories ..

How i wish i could write my own life stories ..
Whether t die or live, I've th right t choose.
Sometimes, i see, i feel, everything seems changing ..
Even you .
If i can choose, i'll choose t be w you forever, happily, without any trouble.
If i can't be w you, i wish t be dead than alive .. ♥

Maybe you didn't come t my blog t see,
but i always wanted t tell you 'iloveyou',
i don't know how t make you mine.. totally mine ..
I really have try . Try t make you smile, give you th happiness you want.
I hope we can last .
As i always do love you, mydear !♥♥♥

@ 7:49 AM

Saturday, September 11, 2010
♥ Lies? Or? Believe?

How t be happy when your love one say sian t her friend when shes talking t you?
When you ask her if she's chatting w people, she say no. Yet you stupidstupid trust her. Trusting someone is so hard...

@ 8:29 PM

♥ Afraid..

Today, 0810, i see your face like thinking of things.. like there's trouble.. You know how scare am i?..
Th reason why i'm scare is idw anything t happen t both of us.. And i love you !
But you like don'twant t say out.. Nevermind..
One day if you understand how i feel, how i think, i'm sure you'll scare too...
Afraid? Cause i love you...

@ 4:57 AM

♥ Smile :)

Sometimes you smile dosen't mean you're happy, sometimes its just because you don'twant people around t be sad/disappointed .
Seeing your love one smilling and don'twant t disappoint her, you smile back,
She asking you, whether its fake ? And you replied , '' Its real :) '' putting a smile at th end of th message is because you don't want let her know, you don't want spoil her mood.
As you love her ! <3
Yeah, and you can't be so selfish ..

@ 2:58 AM

Monday, September 6, 2010
♥ Baby, ClaudiaTan

Baby, i don'tknow if you'll see this anot..
Just wanted t let you know.

Honey, you're v.important t me, can say as more important than my life, you always make me worried for you, but its okay.
A little bit of things and you're complaining about this and that .
You're always easily sick.. Always play around, always care for people.. But you, yourself? Always act strong infront of people, but you're not. Why? Thats why i'm worry.

Baby thanks uh, thanks for letting me feel th happiness . Even though there's sadness and disappointment. But its okay, i'm happy. Happy t be w you. Thanks for letting me have th chance t be w you uh .
Sorry, sorry for always making you sad, sorry that sometimes i don't trust you after that incident. But really i trust you ..
Sorry for always getting jealous so easily, but really is because i love you deep..
I don'tknow what t say..
Sweetwords i've said alot and now, i can't think of any, but i just wanna let you know, i love you mydear, always love you .
Saranghaeyo, i love you, 我爱你, 520. <3

@ 8:18 AM

Sunday, September 5, 2010
♥ Thinking_|_

Sometimes viewing of Facebook profile can led t misunderstandings..
Sometimes login people's profile can let you find out more, but then hurt you more..
Just hoping she knows what t do and what not t do, incase of any quarrels/misunderstanding ba..
Will this age of mine be able t find true, and lasting relationship ? Lots disagree w it..
But i'm trying t have.. Always wanted t have !
Just wish that th wish i wished can come true..

@ 7:29 PM

♥ Expected but unexpected..

When i'm going back.. my eyelid jump..
I know something bad will happen.. and i pray, me, mybabygirl, and my family won't have anything happen uh? Won't break uh? Can i sleep well tonight ? Will i wake during midnight ?.. haixzc..
But this happens...

@ 6:59 AM



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